How to Win an ECN IMPACT Award

As the judges review all the entries, they are looking for what we’ve come to call the Wow! Factor. These are products or services that leapfrog current technology or provide simple, elegant solutions to complex or long-standing technical or practical problems.

Each of the 18 categories will yield at least one winner. As the odds of winning are determined by the total number of eligible participants in a category, these 5 tips aim to give you an edge over the competition:

1. Enter your product or service in a product/service category AND applicable special recognition categories. Each entry requires a separate $395 entry fee.

2.  Keep your answers brief on the required entry form. (Judges often have more than 20 submissions to evaluate in one category).

3.  Judges can smell promotional material a mile away, so . . .

     A. Explain with numbers and percentages (versus adjectives) how your product
     or service is superior.

     B. Focus on the benefits. Technical details are important, but explain what the
     numbers mean. How does your product or service benefit industries, companies
     and/or society. Perhaps important applications of the technology were not available
     before your innovation came along.

4.  Meet or beat the deadline for entries of July 15, 2016.

5.  Make sure your application includes*:

     A. Completed online application

     B. High Resolution Product Picture (not necessary for a service category) to be uploaded via the online application form.

     C. High Resolution Company Logo (for promotion of finalists, and all award certificates) to be uploaded via the online application form.

     D. Press Release proving the product or service was released to the market between January 1, 2015 and July 15, 2016.

*Power Point presentations and/or videos will not be accepted.