About the Awards

The ECN IMPACT Awards are the modern version of legacy of product awards shows dating back 60 years. ECN has a legacy heavily steeped in recognizing the best products on the market for engineers and companies, and the tradition continues today in print and online. These awards reward the best products available in the field today and establish a standard of excellence for years to come.

The awards celebrate the hard work and innovation on the part of the designers, engineers, and their teams in creating products that will change the electronics industry. The ECN IMPACT Awards, which debuted in 2014, are designed to celebrate the products that had the greatest impact on the electronic components industry.

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Past ECN Award Winners:

About ECN

With a legacy over 55 years, ECN is the electronic design community’s premier source for product information, news, and sharp editorial. In addition, ECN provides its engineering readership with value-added content such as staff-written and contributed application articles, product reviews, interviews, and roundtables, creating the most complete information resource for the EOEM design engineer.